In today’s market, bail agents are oftentimes forced to accept one half or (50%) of the 10% premium as a down-payment and the remaining one half or (50%) of the premium on credit. Collecting the balance owed on the premiums after the defendant has been released from jail on bond is difficult.


This creates the problem of Bail Agents having too much uncollected credit on their books.


Before you give away your potential profit on uncollected premiums on past due accounts and bad debt to a collection agency, try our low cost legal service network. We can provide your debtors/customers with documents sent from an attorney (starting as low as $36) to resolve the debt at your office.

We utilize qualified law firms, not collection agencies, which convince the debtors/your customers it is in their best interests to immediately resolve the dispute with you by contacting your office and paying you directly, before further action is taken.

Our network attorneys do not collect any money from your customers. You collect directly from your customers, at your office.

In many cases it only takes the debtor one letter from a lawyer to resolve your unpaid premium account; isn't that worth a $36 investment? Your potential return on your $36 investment is your lost profit. Why give up most of your profit to a collection agency when a lawyer can enable you to collect it yourself?

Why pay a bail recovery agent/bounty hunter to clear a bail bond forfeiture when a $36 letter from a lawyer can bring the defendant back to your office so you can resolve the forfeiture.

You pay a flat/fixed fee for each service order (legal document) and you keep 100% of what you collect from the debtor. Most contracts allow for the recovery of costs and attorney fees from the debtor.

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